Pipeline Sample Cut-Out Evaluation

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During routine construction and modification exercises and in the event of a pipeline failure, an evaluation of a cut-out can provide valuable information about the effectiveness of the corrosion control program.

Services Include

  • Providing a procedure for the removal and handling of pipeline cut-outs
  • Conducting and documenting a visual evaluation of the pipeline cut-out, including:
    • Capturing solid samples for evaluation
  • Documenting the condition of the pipe sample using photographs:
    • When the sample is received
    • After the sample has been cut
    • After the sample has been cleaned and labelled
  • Labelling and measuring all pits and corrosion
  • Determining the failure mechanism, if possible, from visual examination
  • Providing recommendations for preventing future failures of the same type
  • Documenting the above for reporting to the regulators
  • Managing additional pipe sample evaluation if visual examination is determined to be insufficient
pipeline cutout (compressed)
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