3D Laser Scanning

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RAE Engineering recognized early on that 3D Laser Scanning would offer clients tremendous opportunities to improve the design, construction and operation of their oil and gas facilities. Over the past few years, the benefits of precision 3D Laser Scanning to our industry have been clearly demonstrated in terms of risk mitigation, safety, cost reduction and schedule compression.

Our experienced engineering team leverages the “point cloud” data captured from pressure equipment and storage tanks to produce geometrically accurate 3D models. These models can be further assessed using FEA (Finite Element Analysis)  software, such as SOLIDWORKS Simulations and CAESAR II. The assessments can then be used for failure analysis, fitness-for-service, design modifications, repair procedures, baseline inspections, as-built drawings, asset inventory and more.

The paper “3D Laser Scanning: Benefits and Paybacks for Industrial Plant Design, Construction and Operation” (click link to download), sponsored by FARO, provides a great deal of information on 3D Laser Scanning. 

Why Choose Laser Scanning?

3D laser scanning involves creating virtual models of equipment of any kind, including entire production plans or other assets. CAD models of plants are often only used during the initial design of a plant. Over time, engineered CAD models become inaccurate as the as-designed models often deviate from as-built or field conditions. Therefore, the CAD models could eventually no longer represent the actual plant/facility and its equipment. With older facilities, it is often the case that the original models or drawings become damaged or even lost, or no drawings existed to begin with.

With a scanned 3D model created from laser scans, discrepancies in P&IDs can be identified and corrected at a fraction of the on-site time, labour and cost involved compared to traditional methods. Data is accurate and precise, as opposed to the “pencil and paper” method of creating P&IDs. Many plants require up-to-date 3D models of their plants and equipment. 3D laser scanning of an entire plant can assist with asset integrity management, planning and updating CAD models and drawings to “as-built” status. 3D models can help in the planning, maintenance and execution of projects, as well as locating equipment and performing inspections.

3D Laser Scanning MainTank Laser Scan
Common Uses
  • Tanks – level surveys, volume calculation, damage and repair assessments
  • Pipelines – direct assessment, schedule and dimensions of pipelines
  • Plants – as-built drawing, maintenance, modification and inspection planning
  • Boilers – repair planning, modifications (e.g. new spools and pipe racks)
  • Shop inspections – construction documentation, final as-built QC and comparison to drawings
  • Various failure investigation and FEA

RAE Engineering utilizes state of the art equipment to perform 3D laser scans.

  • Faro Photon 120
    • Used for 3D laser scanning
  • Focus 30 Total Station laser level
    • Used for tank settlement/level surveys
    • Helpful in assisting the 3D laser scanner for precision scanning
With offices in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Red Deer and Calgary, we are here to ensure that the needs of our clients are met.