Total Asset Integrity Management

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At RAE Engineering, our focus is on determining and managing the integrity of pressure equipment, pressure piping, tanks and related mechanical equipment.  Our expertise in Codes and Standards, combined with our mechanical and materials engineering background, enables our clients to always design, construction and operate safely and efficiently, while maintaining compliance with all applicable regulatory bodies.

Our goal at RAE Engineering is to provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of integrity-related services that help to ensure safety, regulatory compliance and long term reliability.

RAE Engineering and Inspection Ltd. – Providing solutions for critical issues.

RAE Engineering manages your equipment life cycle from cradle to grave.

RAE Engineering assists with all Pressure Equipment (PE) Life management stages.

  • RAE Engineering offers a one stop shop for all of your integrity needs throughout the pressure equipment life cycle.
  • Our engineering background ensures that decisions made meet the applicable code and current regulations for that equipment.
  • Inspection works closely with engineering to ensure the correct decisions are being made in the field.
  • At RAE Engineering, Engineering and Inspection work closely together to provide the best solutions for our clients.
With offices in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Red Deer and Calgary, we are here to ensure that the needs of our clients are met.