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Pipeline Corrosion Control Program

It is required by CSA Z662 (Clause 9.10.2, Clause 10.14.1 and Annex N.13) and the Alberta Pipeline Regulation (Section 54) that a pipeline licensee develops plans and schedules for activities designed to protect the integrity of all pipelines including internal corrosion of metallic pipelines. Any evaluation shall include, as necessary, a review of production records, operating experience, monitoring data, and inspection data. The plans must be implemented and reviewed at least annually.

Developing pipeline corrosion control programs including the following steps;

  • Gathering data from public databases and from operations and maintenance personnel
  • Validating data with operations and maintenance personnel
  • Note: After following the first two steps we will have identified pipeline license non-conformances and will advise our clients of these and make recommendations for their correction
  • Evaluating data to determine likelihood of internal corrosion
  • Making recommendations for corrosion mitigation, monitoring, and inspection
  • Assisting with the implementation and roll-out of pipeline corrosion control programs

Existing Programs

  • Auditing corrosion control practices against the company's documented program
  • Evaluating existing programs to ensure they are appropriate for current conditions
  • Making recommendations for modifications to the existing corrosion mitigation, monitoring, and inspection plans
  • Conducting or participating in periodic program updates and reviews
  • Assessing proposals from chemical mitigation and corrosion monitoring suppliers
  • Reviewing corrosion inhibition chemical supplier reports and corrosion monitoring reports to ensure that existing corrosion control programs are appropriate
  • Assisting with pig selection and pigging procedures